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In the event of a holiday power outage, we are able to keep the the spirit rockin with a human powered generator.

(naturally, sweaty power generation is religated to the basement)





Power Specs:

I am able to crank out 100 watts for 60 minutes, switching riders every hour for continuous power. The generator provides a more interesting workout than a typical stationary trainer, as the rider provides 50 watts for fan cooling and 50 watts for music.



1) Standard Bike Trainer (magnetic resistance head removed)      

2) Motor Adapter (1/4" plywood)                                                      

3) Flexible Shaft Coupling (within housing)                                      

4) 12v 14Amp Permanent Magnet DC Motor                                    

5) Cheap Tire (trainers eat rubber)                                                 




1) Heart Rate Monitor (scavenged from old treadmill)

2) Voltmeter                                                               

3) Amp Meter                                                             

4) 200watt Power Inverter                                          

5) 12 VDC (from generator)                                       

6) 120 VAC (to appliances)                                        



After generating 100 watts for 2 hrs, motor surface temperature stabilized at 60 C.


Power Generation Links
Comprehensive writeup on designing a solar array (as a useful power source), slides, paper.



McKGyver Home





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