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Michael (McKGyver) McKinley : Robotics, Automation, Design, Prototypes


Retrobot : Wind Powered Walking Machine CNC Wood Router: Constructed from discarded printers, 5.25"floppy drives, 486's etc..Rotary Inverted Pendulum: Mechatronic balancing device constructed as an automatic controls project. Automatic Test Tube Packaging Prototype

Bicycle Generator: Electricity from Human Power Homemade Digital Readout (DRO)
Robotic Caterpillar Waterproof Backpack Boombox
Altoids Amp: CMOY  Automated Force of Assembly Testing
Wooden Kite Buggy Steel Kite Buggy

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) NASA Parawing (NPW)

Homemade Landsurfer BU Robotics Design Contest
Bike Work Stand: Plans Included Traction Control Design Project
McKinleys INK: Silk Screening and Graphic Design Celtic Spoons: Globe Show WinnerWooden Trinity Box Mechanical Dovetail Box
Fish out of water: Silver Bowl Mahogany Goggles: Real man's Steampunk
Atlas Horizontal Mill Rebuild Dunlop Craftsman Lathe Rebuild
Metal Lathe Bear Pond Bridge

 Dock Project Foundation Project 

Wooden Kayak April Fools 2006
 Homemade Acme Tap

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