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Kite Buggy 1: Wood

   After testing a number of traction kite designs, (see NPW my project) it was time to build a kite buggy.


As a first prototype, siderails were constructed from 2x10" pine. A complicated bend geometry is required to orient the rider for maximum control, and ideal center of gravity. Unfortunately, the siderails are also subjected to considerable dynamic loading conditions during operation (making wood a less than ideal material for this application).

Although the wooden siderails failed upon testing, the wooden design was critical in demonstrating the viability of the choosen steering geometry and rider position. These attributes were incorperated in our second design (see KiteBuggy2_Steel ).






Image of the siderail assembly after failure.



Prior to testing, I drew a pencil line indicating where I estimated the siderail structure would fail. As seen in the above image, my pencil line is now bifurcated.


Popeye the Welder included us in his list of "Wooden Kite Buggies"



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