Sadly I dont have 3phase at my shop, so I switched the motor to a 1.5Hp Treadmill motor. A really nice addition as it is variable speed, reversable, and allows me to use 1 phase 110v AC. As shown in the above image, I rewired the stock 3phase switch to handle motor reversing and controller switching.



My first shot at internal threading. Im quite pleased with my homemade boring bar, quite stiff even with 8tpi threads.



We decided to go for a partial restoration as most of the paint was in decent condition.

Any parts painted with white latex paint got a new coat of battleship grey.



Moving a South Bend Heavy 10" into the shop

Somewhere along the line somebody decided that eggshell white latex paint was a good choice for the saddle and compound.


Of course, I managed to pick the rainiest day of the week to move some precision steel.

The lathe was loaded into a komerade's truck using a tractor.

Unfortunately no such mechanical brawn was available for the unloading process.

A gantry was constructed using three 2x10s and a heavy duty ladder. After lifting the base with a block and tackle rated for 1000lbs, the truck was pulled forward and the base slowly lowered to the ground.

The base was rolled into the garage on a heavy dolly.

The lathe itself was unloaded in a simmilar fashon, this time using a 2ton come-along.

The 2x10" gantry was reconstructed inside my garage for the assembly procedure.

The lathe was rolled into position, and carefully lifted into position using a come-along.

Once the lathe was locked at appropriate altitude, the base and legs were fitted into place.

Mission accomplished.


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