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Automated 20 ┬ÁL Test Tube Sorter


Problem: Test tubes are shipped from the injection molding facility to Osmetech Inc. in bags of 10,000.


Solution: I developed an automated sorting apparatus to deal with the daunting task of orienting and packaging 10,000 test tubes.



    1) Test tubes are dumped into hopper above parallel bars (removed for image clarity).

    2) Counter- rotating bars orient tubes and convey them towards packaging assembly.

    3) Test-tubes drop into feeder chute by change in diameter of bars (movent regulated by a solenoid actuator).

    4) X-Y table positions package below feeder chute as package is filled.



   Method of orienting tubes was successful (orienting 400 tubes/minute)

   This small scale prototype apparatus was capable of filling 1 box of 96 test tubes in 60 seconds. (A definite improvement, considering a box could be filled by hand in 300 seconds)



    Generally the use of surplus printer components for an XY table leaves something to be desired in terms of precision, but tolerances were fine for a prototype.

     XY table driven by components developed for my CNC_Machine .


Automatic alignment apparatus with packaging assembly




Close up of gear head motor and drive assembly (hopper removed for clarity)




Test tube flow would typically be controlled by solenoid actuator (not shown)





White 96 well box, ready for packaging





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