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Cardboard Hovercraft

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After 10+ years of scheming (spawned by a junkyard wars episode in 2001) we finally got around to building a hovercraft. Our goal was to build a craft as fast as possible (less than 1 day) with the simplest materials available. Bonus points if the whole thing could be recycled later.


Project Duration: 5 hours

Materials: 4 Cardboard bike boxes, 2 rolls of packing tape, 20 plastic trash bags, 1 bouncy house inflater


Cardboard Hovercraft Snow Test

Cardboard Hovercraft Test Preparation: 1)Test Pilot, 2)Power Distribution Engineer / AUX power unit, 3)Cardboard Fuselage, 4)Trash Bag Skirt, 5)Bouncy House Impeller, 6)Rear Thruster, 7)Cockpit, 8)Tether.



The secret to this design was an internal honeycomb structure that provided immense rigidity with very little mass.

A skirt was produced by taping 12 bags end to end to form a tube. Ducting was connected to the impeller via a T connection.

Matt testing the capacity of the device.

Ready to test!

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