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The Main Lab 2011: 1. 1st Prototype Backpack Blaster, 2. Water resistant running blaster, 3. Mobile Lap Timing System, 4) Homemade CNC Machine, 5) 1st Homemade Tarp Sail, 6. Classy GFI Backpack Blaster, 7. Electronics Bench, 8. Violin Bench, 9. 1960s Tek CRT Storage Oscilloscope "Leonard", 10. Parts Storage, 11. Silk-screening Area


Violin Bench: Bench top Drill-press, 1940s Bench top Atlas Horizontal Mill, Micro Bench top Chinese Mill/Drill/Lathe, 1960s Tek CRT single trace Oscilloscope.

Jambox Bench: General Workspace, Silkscreening, Soundsystem

Electronics Bench: 2 Arm mounted compound microscopes, overhead dental lamp, arm mounted soldering equipment, 1960s Tek CRT Storage Oscilloscope "Leonard", 1980s Tek CRT Oscilloscope


2nd Shop: Not Pictured

1947 SouthBend heavy 10, 1941 Craftsman Dunlop metal/wood lathe, 14" Bandsaw, 1940s 21" throat Heavy Jigsaw, sanding station, router table, tablesaw.




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